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Updated March 20, 2000

My first Carberry ancestor is ZIPPORAH CARBERRY of Burgoyne's Cove who married JOHN STEELE of Fontmell, Dorset on August 13, 1862 in Ireland's Eye. Their children can be found on the Steele page.

Zipporah's parents were WILLIAM CARBERRY and ROSEANNA BUTLER. This couple was married on March 31, 1842 in Trinity. This was William's second marriage and because of this I had trouble determining which children came from which marriage. I believe their children included:

1) ZIPPORAH: born May 14, 1843 in Old Bonaventure and baptized on July 20, 1843. She married JOHN STEELE (see above).

2) JAMES: born 1850?? and married ELIZABETH STANLEY on December 4, 1877.

3) PATIENCE: born 1850?? I believe she married a man named RIECE WILLIAMS on October 25, 1874.

4) SUSANNA: married STEPHEN MILLER on Decmeber 4, 1872 in Trinity.

5) GEORGE BUTLER: born on August 10, 1845 in Old Bonaventure. He married a woman named ANNA HISCOCK on December 26, 1876 in Randell Harbour, Trinity Bay.

6) HANNAH: born 1857?? and married GEORGE DUFFETT on January 6, 1876.

WILLIAM'S first wife, whom he married on May 2, 1831, was HANNAH BAILEY. She isn't in my direct line so I have no information on her except for the children she had with William who are:

1) MARY ANN: born September 4, 1831 in Bonaventure and baptized on October 4, 1831.

2) LOUISA: born October 1, 1833 in Bonaventure and baptized on October 27, 1833.

3) JUBAL: born on October 29, 1835 in Bonaventure and baptized on December 11, 1835. He married ANN POWELL on May 2, 1857 in Trinity. There children were William, Charlotte, Louisa, Joseph, Leah, and Miriam.

I have information on the next generation of Carberry's as well. William Carberry's father was RICHARD CARBERRY and his mother was ANN HOGARTH. Richard may have come from County Waterford, England. I haven't traced back any further yet, so I have no positive information. However, the children of this couple were:

1) WILLIAM: born January 12, 1807 in Turk's Cove and baptized on October 23, 1809. He married HANNAH BAILEY and ROSEANNA STEELE. (see above)

2) JOHN: born August 28, 1805 in Turk's Cove and baptized on October 20, 1811. He married ELIZABETH POLLETT.

3) RICHARD: born in 1808.

4) ELIZABETH: born January 6, 1810 in Turk's Cove and baptized on October 20, 1811. She married THOMAS FOWLER on March 4, 1866.

5) MARY ANN: born November 11, 1813 in Filthy Harbour and baptized on October 24, 1814.

6) JAMES: born August 7, 1816 in British Harbour and baptized on November 10, 1817.

7) MORRIS: born 1819 in British Harbour. He was baptized on July 15, 1823 at the age of 4 years.

8) JOSEPH: born 1821 in British Harbour. He was baptized on July 15, 1823 at the age of 2 years.

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