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Updated March 19, 2000

My first Higdon ancestor was JUDITH HIGDON. She married JAMES IVANY of New Bonaventure on November 14, 1854.
I've run into a bit of trouble with this line. The only birth record that comes close to that for JUDITH HIGDON is one under the name of JUDIAS HIGDON. I believe that this is the same person.
Judith's parents were GEORGE HIGDON and BRIDGET MILLER. Their other children include

1) JOSEPH HIGDON: born on October 9, 1831 in British Harbour.

2) JOHN HIGDON: born August 18, 1837 in British Harbour and baptized on September 24, 1837. (This child probably died as an infant)

3) JOHN HIGDON: born January 2, 1838 in British Harbour and was baptized on January 10, 1838.

4) JUDIAS HIGDON: born September 1, 1834 in British Harbour and was baptized on September 2, 1834. She married JAMES IVANY (see above) on November 14, 1854.

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Shelley Gosse
Paradise, Newfoundland