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Updated May 22, 1998

My first Hogarth ancestor is ANN HOGARTH who married RICHARD CARBERRY. Their children can be found on the Carberry page.

Ann Hogarth's father was ISSAC HOGARTH. He married DOROTHY BLANCHARD and had 8 children with her. The children were:

1) ANN: born in 1786 in Trinity and baptized on October 23, 1792. She married RICHARD CARBERRY. (see above)

2) JOYCE: born 1778 in Trinity. She married SAMUEL SHORT.

3) MARY: born in 1778 in Trinity. She married HENRY STONE.

4) WILLIAM: he married SARAH HOOKEY and died in 1816.


6) ELIZABETH: born September 9, 1787 in Trinity.

7) JOHN SNOOK: born in 1791. He was baptized on October 23, 1792.

8) SARAH: born April 23, 1797 and baptized on November 7, 1798.

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Shelley Gosse
Paradise, Newfoundland

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