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Updated October 9, 1999

The first Miller ancestor I have is BRIDGET MILLER. She married GEORGE HIGDON. Their children can be found on the Higdon page.

Bridget's parents were DENNIS MILLER and MARY BRENNICK, who were married on November 28, 1805. They had 3 children:

1) BRIDGET: born on March 4, 1811 in Kerley's Harbour. She was baptized on October 22, 1811. She married GEORGE HIGDON. (see above)

2) FRANCIS: born on December 2, 1808 in Kerley's Harbour. She was baptized on June 5, 1809.

3) JOHN: born on February 4, 1807 in Bonaventure. He was baptized on May 17, 1807.

Dennis Miller also had another child with ANN FRENCH. This child, ELIZABETH, was born on May 26, 1804 and baptized on May 28, 1804.

The only other information I have on the Miller family is the parents of Dennis Miller. His father was SAMUEL MILLER and his mother was MARY BRENNICK. So far, I only know of one child:

DENNIS: baptized on November 19, 1799 at the age of sixteen. He would have been born in 1783.

Shelley Gosse
St. John's, Newfoundland