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Updated March 19, 2000

My first Mills ancestor is ANNIE MAUD MILLS. She was born in Thoroughfare and married JAMES ALLEN DUFFETT of Lower Lance Cove on May 9, 1903 in Britannia Cove. Her children can be found on the Duffett page.

Annie Maud's parents were NATHANIEL MILLS of Thoroughfare and ANNIE LODER of Ireland's Eye. This couple was married on November 8, 1870 in Trinity. Their other children included:

1) RACHEL MILLS: married GEORGE GRAY on November 2, 1887 in Thoroughfare.

2) JESSIE ELIZABETH MILLS: born in 1873 and married HEBER MAIDMENT on December 29, 1898 in her home in Thoroughfare.

3) SILAS WILLIAM: born in 1875 and married SARAH BUGDEN on December 18, 1895 in Thoroughfare. They had at least two sons ALPHAEUS and NATHANIEL.

4) WALTER: born in 1879? and married ANN WINSOR on May 19th, 1914. There is mention of a Walter Mills who died on June 30th, 1932 and was buried on July 4th, 1932 in Thoroughfare, however I'm not sure if it is the same person.

5) ELIZA JANE: born on December 15, 1883 in Thoroughfare and baptized on February 24, 1884.

6) ANNIE MAUD: born on August 31, 1885 in Thoroughfare and baptized on October 29, 1883. She married JAMES ALLAN DUFFETT (see above) and died on October 30, 1926.

The next MILLS generation is the parents of NATHANIEL MILLS. Right now, all I know of his parents is that Nathaniel's father was THOMAS MILLS of Dorset, England. Thomas' other children included

1) THOMAS MILLS: may have married a woman named SARAH.

2) JOHN MILLS: born in 1861 and married SOPHIA BUGDEN.

3) NATHANIEL MILLS: born in 1846 in Thoroughfare and married ANNIE LODER (see above).

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Shelley Gosse
St. John's, Newfoundland