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Updated March 19, 2000

My first Pennell ancestor is PRISCILLA PENNELL who married JAMES DUFFETT on July 9, 1865 in Bay de Verde. There children can be found on the DUFFETT page. I am not sure who her parents were but she did have a sister JULIA ANN who was born in 1846. Julia Ann (who went by Ann) married JAMES COISH on November 21, 1871 in Bay de Verde. PRISCILLA was born in 1841 in Ochre Pit Cove.

I have the names of other Pennells in the area at this time, but I'm not sure if there is any relation to Priscilla and Julia. Once I find out who there parents were I may be able to get more solid facts.

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Shelley Gosse
St. John's, Newfoundland