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Updated March 31st, 2011

For me, this is where it all begins. I am the first Rodgers to be recorded in my genealogy. My father is RAYMOND RODGERS. He married my mother BLANCHE DUFFETT on August 24, 1971. Their children (including me) are as follows:

1) SHELLEY RAMONA: Born June 23, 1976 in St. John's, Newfoundland. Married ANDREW GOSSE of Paradise on June 20, 1998 in St. John's.

2) TREVOR CURTIS: Born October 13, 1978 in St. John's, Newfoundland.

My father was one of nine children born to ADAM RODGERS and MINNIE WELLS:

1) HELEN PEARL: Born June 13th, 1927 at St. Jones Within. Married ROBERT RANDELL at St. John's.

2) LAVINA GLADYS: Born March 25th, 1931 at St. Jones Within. Married LLEWELLYN POND on August 6th.

3) WILLIAM: Born in 1932 at St. Jones Within. Married GLENDA BALSOM on January 3rd, 1958 at Clarenville.

4) FLORENCE: Born on July 6th, 1934 at St. Jones Within. Married HARVEY FLIGHT at Lorbourne.

5) SILAS: Born January 5th, 1937 at St. Jones Within. Married BLANCHE BROWN on January 3rd, 1958 at St. Jones Within.



8) VERNA: Born October 21st, 1946 at St. Jones Within. Married MACKAY MARCH in June.

9) RAYMOND ELLIS: born March 23rd, 1948 at St. Jones Within. Married BLANCHE DUFFETT on August 24th, 1971 at Lower Lance Cove.

The third generation of RODGERS' would be the siblings of ADAM RODGERS. ADAM'S father was JAMES RODGERS. JAMES was married twice - first to ABIGAIL KING and then to MARY ELLEN BROWN. Mary was a widower in 1921. I'm not quite sure which children came from which marriage, but here they are:

1) SAMUEL KING: Abigail's son before she married James. I'm not sure if Abigail was married before or not, or who Samuel's father was.

2) ABIGAIL: born April 23rd, 1891 and baptized on November 21st, 1891. Married DAVE BENSON.

3) PRISCILLA: Born in 1893. Married JOSHUA IVANY

4) AMBROSE: Born in 1896 and died on February 5, 1917.

5) SIMEON: Born in 1898 and died on February 5, 1917. I'm told that both Simeon and Ambrose died in a train fire. I have copies of their death certificates which indicates that they were burned to death.





10) ADAM: Born August 15th, 1901 at St. Jones Within. Married MINNIE WELLS on December 24th, 1923 at Hodges Line. Died November 5th, 1958, also at St. Jones Within, where he is buried.

11) LUCY JANE: Born in July of 1904 at St. Jones Within. Married HUBERT WELLS on April 8, 1925 in the home of Eli Seaward, Clarenville.

12) SILAS: Born in December of 1909 at St. Jones Within.

I'm currently updating this page, so check back later for more information.

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