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Updated November 21, 2000

My first Steele ancestor is ROSEANNA STEELE. She was the second wife of MATTHEW IVANY. Their children can be found on the Ivany page.

Roseanna's parents were JOHN STEELE of Fontmell, Dorset and ZIPPORAH CARBERRY of Burgoyne's Cove, however the 1935 census states she was from Bonaventure. This couple married on August 13, 1862 in Ireland's Eye. Their children were:

1) ELIAS: born on August 6, 1866 in Burgoyne's Cove and baptized two days later by Henry Petley. In the 1935 census, no wife is mentioned.

2) THOMAS: born approximately 1867. He married PHOEBE PITTMAN of Deer Harbour.

3) JOSEPH: born on January 18, 1868 in Burgoyne's Cove and was baptized on September 8, 1869. He married ELIZABETH PITTMAN on December 16, 1896 in Britannia Cove.

4) ELIZABETH: born in 1871.

5) CHARLES: born in 1874. There is no mention of a wife in the 1935 census.

6) ROSEANNA: born on May 18, 1862 in Burgoyne's Cove and baptized on August 13, 1862. She married MATTHEW IVANY (see above) in 1898.




10) PROVIDENCE: she married GEORGE COISH in Britannia Cove on December 6, 1878. She had two sons, FREDRICK and WELDON and a daughter SELINA.

11) GRACE: born on May 13, 1880 in Burgoyne's Cove and was baptized on March 7, 1881.

12) PATIENCE: born on June 12, 1885 in Burgoyne's Cove, and was baptized on June 18, 1888. She married GEORGE BAILEY in Trinity.

The next generation of Steele's would be the parents of JOHN STEELE. Since this family is from England, I have had a hard time tracking them. However, thanks to the Steele mailing list I have discovered that JOHN STEELE was born in East Orchard to GEORGE STEELE and his wife ANN. GEORGE was born in Fontmell. There children were:

1)HENRY: born around 1840 in East Orchard.

2)JOHN: born in East Orchard and baptized there on November 7, 1841. He married ZIPPORAH CARBERRY. (see above) He is buried in Burgoyne's Cove, Trinity Bay. According to the headstone, he died on June 6, 1906 at age 79. This would place his birthdate around 1829. He must have been baptized as an adult.

3)ELIZA: Born in East Orchard around 1844.

So far this is all I've come up with. There was however another family of Steele's in East Orchard at the time who are likely relatives. They are:

HANNAH, born in Tarrant Monkton around 1800, and who I figure is her husband JOHN, born in Fontmell around 1801. There is a mention of two children, WILLIAM, born around 1831 in Wimborne, and ROBERT, born around 1842 in Fontmell.

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Shelley Gosse
St. John's, Newfoundland