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Updated May 8th, 2003

My grandmother is the first of my WELLS ancestors. Her name is MINNIE SELINA and she married ADAM RODGERS. Their children can be found on the Rodgers page. Her parents were GEORGE WELLS and HANNAH (or ANNIE) EASTMAN. Their children were:

1) HUBERT: Born in August of 1902 in Halifax. He married LUCY JANE RODGERS.

2) MINNIE SELINA: Born August 11,1906 in Halifax. She married ADAM RODGERS on December 24, 1923 at Hodges Line. He died in 1958 and she remarried ADAM MARSH of Hickman's Harbour. She died December 26, 2000 and is buried at the cemetary in St. Jones Within.

3) KENNETH: Born in August of 1908 in Halifax.

4) LUCY: Born in October of 1913 in Clarenville.

According to the 1921 Census of Clarenville, this family lived in Halifax until 1912.

Now you may be wondering if the Lucy Rodgers and the Adam Rodgers above are the same two people mentioned on the Rodgers page. They are. Hubert married Lucy and four years later Hubert's sister Minnie married Lucy's brother Adam. But that's not all. You'll notice below that Hubert and Minnie's father remarried after his wife died. He married Lucy and Adam's mother Mary Ellen Rodgers. Does that make me my own grandmother or something?? :)

My next WELLS ancestor would be the father of GEORGE WELLS. I don't have much information on this generation. I do know that George's parents were EZRA WELLS and ESTER. Their children were:

1) GEOREGE: born in September of 1878. The 1921 Census states he was from English Harbour. He married HANNAH (ANNIE) EASTMAN. After Hannah died, George remarried to MARY ELLEN RODGERS on December 4th, 1923 in Clarenville. That is all the information I have to date.
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